Guidelines for Racists Anonymous (RA) Group Effectiveness

  1. Our common welfare is always our primary goal.
  2. Participation leads to harmony.
  3. Our only authority is a loving God whose Presence may at times be expressed in our group conscience.
  4. We call ourselves racists because we realize that ours is a racist culture. The only requirement for membership is a desire to name and deal with problems caused by racism, recognizing that we too are often part of the problem.
  5. Our purpose is to relate better with others. We do this by practicing the 12-Steps ourselves, by encouraging and understanding the people around us, and by demonstrating tough loving kindness when necessary.
  6. We don’t try to “fix” each other’s problems during a meeting, but individuals may be moved to do this before or after a meeting. We avoid crosstalk or arguing any point back and forth.
  7. We don’t have designated sponsors, but one-on-one sharing is often needed and always available; just ask.
  8. Anonymity reminds us to place principles above personalities. Our meeting uses first name introductions and circulates a confidential email/phone list to better aid in communication.
  9. Each group is autonomous but covenants to connect with the wider RA movement.
  10. RA Groups do not endorse, finance, or lend its name to any outside enterprise, nor do we accept outside contributions.
  11. The work of RA will remain “non-Professional.”